Elegant Rose Golden Zari Border Kerala Onam Saree with Running Blouse

Elegant Rose Golden Zari Border Kerala Onam Saree with Running Blouse

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Elegant Drape: The saree boasts a fluid and graceful drape, capturing the traditional charm and sophistication of Kerala's attire.Rose Golden Zari Border: The saree is adorned with a meticulously woven silver zari border that adds a touch of opulence and refinement. The shimmering silver threads create an enchanting contrast against the saree's base, evoking the radiance of the festive season.Running Blouse: The accompanying running blouse is thoughtfully designed to harmonize with the saree, combining contemporary style with traditional aesthetics.Symbol of Tradition: Beyond clothing, the saree becomes a canvas for artistic expression and cultural representation, connecting the wearer to Kerala's rich heritage.Fabric Care Instructions: Gently hand wash the saree and blouse separately using mild detergent in cold water. Minimize washing time to prevent stress on the fabric and preserve its original colors and textures.Dry in Shade: Dry the saree and blouse in a shaded area away from direct sunlight to prevent color fading and maintain the fabric's integrity.

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